Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: April 19, 2018

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Sentenced to death.

It happened in Fulton County this week. We had the sentence live for you on Wednesday and I, Jerry Anderson, was just so struck by one human being, a judge, telling another human being, a killer, that justice required his life be taken.

And thinking of his 20 year-old victim, Sierah Joughin, I didn't disagree.

That probably isn't the case for my first guest, Toledo attorney Richard Kerger.

He has successfully defended in death penalty cases and most recently helped a convicted Toledo killer, William Montgomery, narrowly avert his April 11 date with death.

Mental illness. It is an illness but we don't seem to treat it like other illnesses.

As we saw this week, it is often a factor a crime. 20 percent of state prisoners have "a recent history" of a mental health condition.

But where we need to start is not in prison but at home, maybe yours, maybe mine.

One in five adults experiences mental illness in a given year. Factor that by how many people connected to that person and you begin to understand the pervasive nature of the illness and why we need to talk about it.

Helping us do that are Robin Isenberg, Executive Director of the local chapter of NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Also here is Eric Chase, well-known local broadcaster and someone who lives with mental illness and who talks about it.

To learn more about NAMI and the NAMI Toledo chapter, visit their websites.

I'm a huge fan of veterans.

The community breakfast at Savage Arena on Veterans Day each November is a high point of my year.

Whether by choice or conscripted, these are people whose lives were uprooted and they often stood squarely in the path of danger for us, for our country.

Yet, on any given night, if government figures are right, some 40,000 U.S. veterans are homeless.

It's the kind of thing that stuck squarely in the craw of a staunch advocate for the un-housed Toledo's Ken Leslie, Founder of Veteran's Matter.

His now national battle to change that homeless veteran dynamic has an unflinching ally in radio's Denny Schaffer.

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