Chess players match wits at TPS tournament

Chess players match wits at TPS tournament

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's a competition that's more about brains than brawn.

Start High School hosted a chess tournament on Saturday attracting the best and brightest players from across the region.

The event was sponsored by Toledo Public Schools.

More than 100 students from throughout Northwest Ohio competed.

"It  helps me with things in life like my anxiety," said Sophia Hanson.

The kids brought their critical thinking skills to the table for a day long series of mind games.

At times it was so quiet you could hear a pin d rop.

"It challenges me and forces me to be my best and I'm allowed to see how I've grown," said player Tyrin Prior.

The tournament goes to show not all students are interested in playing sports, but still enjoy healthy competition.

But in TPS alone thirty schools have chess clubs.

"Children are talking about coding which is programming for aps. And chess will help you get there for that out for that out of the box thinking for coding," said Yolanda Woodberry who coaches the Jones Leadership Academy ChessTeam.

Jenna Poore is on the Whittier School Chess Team.

Her dad Shawn says chess comes in handy when she does her homework or takes a test.

"It helps her troubleshoot problems when she gets stuck on problems and gives up. She sits there and thinks it through," said Shawn.

Yes some of the players found themselves between a "rook" and a hard place.

But the winners walked away with a trophy because they had a chance to call out 'checkmate.'

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