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City of Toledo reminding citizens everyone has a part to play in keeping lake healthy

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As we get closer to Earth Day on Sunday, City of Toledo leaders are reminding residents how they can help keep our water clean.

Pollutants from storm runoff can get into streams from driveways and yards.

City leaders are urging everyone to be careful of what kind of household items they use and how they use them as it could have a significant impact on water quality.

This includes products like automotive fluids, lawn fertilizers, pesticides.

The city says everyone has a part to play in helping to combat the algae in Lake Erie.

"It is no secret we have a harmful algal bloom problem in this area, fertilizer is one of the numbers ways we can stop that".said Ignazio Messina, spokesperson for the City of Toledo. "Don't use as much fertilizer, don't water your lawns as much, pick up your pet waste from your yards, these are simple things that people can do to help alleviate and help remediate the problem.” 

City leaders are hosting a Party for the Planet event on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Toledo Zoo.

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