'Draw Defiance' giving residents a chance to show their artistic side

'Draw Defiance' giving residents a chance to show their artistic side
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DEFIANCE, OH (WTOL) - Residents in Defiance will be offered a chance to show their love for their community in an artistic way.

A new program called 'Draw Defiance' will scatter nine art scratch pads at prominent locations in the city.

From Monday April 23rd to Friday May 4th, people can sit down and sketch whatever they see at that time in the area.

Locations range from downtown, to the library and Fort Defiance historic site, among others.

The idea was inspired by Draw NELA, a successful art program out of Eagle Rock, California.

The idea is to give everyone, of every walk of life and art skill level, a chance to express what their perspective of their community is.

"An opportunity for you to draw what you see at that point in time. So, whether you're in a business and you see a couple drinking a cup of coffee. Or you're sitting downtown and you see a mom pushing a stroller, that kind of thing. We want to see how you see Defiance," said Kirstie Mack, Executive Director of the Defiance Development and Visitors Bureau.

All of the Draw Defiance artwork will be put on display during Defiance's Lilac Festival next month.

The project is being run by the Defiance Community Cultural Council.

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