Money Talks News: How to beat long airport lines

Money Talks News: How to beat long airport lines
(Source: Detroit Metropolitan Airport)

Money Talks News - Nothing like starting a trip and not knowing what the TSA line is going to be like when you reach the airport. Don't you just hate the wait?

But rather than hating the wait, how about doing something about it? For example, how about downloading the free TSA app.

It tells you current wait times according to your location. While these can change, it at least gives you a general idea of what's happening. Various airports also tweet wait times. Check both these sources.

Another thing to do is to pay extra. Some airlines have special lines for those purchasing extra-space seating.

But for those who want to secure the chance of avoiding TSA lines, get a TSA precheck or,  for international travelers , Global Entry. These  will not only get travelers in the shortest line, they'll also keep them from having to remove their belt, their shoes, their liquids and their laptop.

The process may seem like a lot but  it can take less time than some people spend waiting in line for one flight. And while $85 isn't nothing, that's good for five years, so it's only $17 a year.

When the going gets tough, the tough don't whine. They find alternatives. For more information on the TSA app or TSA precheck head to the Money Talks News website and do a search for TSA.

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