TPS Aviation Center to focus on repairing commercial jets

TPS Aviation Center to focus on repairing commercial jets
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Flight safety is a hot topic after the deadly Southwest Airline flight from earlier this week.

Toledo Public School Aviation Center are training 48 students to repair these commercial jets.

After taking a three-year program, these students will graduate with the Federal License from the FAA and are certified to repair any aircraft in the United States.

Students learn about every aspect of a plane, from the landing gear, engine systems, flight controls, and more.

Brad McDonald the instructor at the Aviation Center said, he uses these tragic events as a learning experience for his students who will soon be in the industry facing similar challenges.

"Any time an incidents happens in the industry, sure we absolutely talk about it. A big part of aviation is solving a problem by avoiding a problem and identifying issues only makes the industry safer. Safety is the absolute number one underlying factor when it comes to aviation,"said McDonald.

McDonald said there is a huge need for technicians in the field and many of his students have jobs waiting for them as they graduate.

On May 19th and 20th they will be hosting their annual Aviation Expo. Any interested in learning more can do so here.

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