Unusual animal seized by humane society

Unusual animal seized by humane society
(Source: Toledo Area Humane Society)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Unfortunately, sometimes, authorities have to step in and seize a pet when it isn't being properly cared for. Typically, cats and dogs are re-homed or kept safe until their owner can make things right.

This is the story of a different kind of situation altogether.

A horse of a different color, if you will.

Maybe you've seen a horse being ridden around town. We've been tracking him for years now because of his relatively urban living conditions. In that time, Apache the horse has lived off and on with his owner, Wayne Banks, on Mozart Street off the Anthony Wayne Trail.

The Toledo Area Humane Society has been keeping a watchful eye at the urban horse as well, and decided it was finally time to take custody.

Stephen Heaven, President and CEO of the Toledo Area Humane Society explained

why the group decided the time had come to step in and do something.

"The justification was he started to lose weight. He wasn't getting enough water. Horses can drink anywhere from 20 to 25 gallons of water a day and he certainly wasn't getting enough water to sustain, so that, and the fact that he had started to lose some weight. It was time to remove him,"  Heaven said.

Heaven said that Apache is currently being held in an undisclosed location by a horse expert so that he can be properly cared for and hopefully, brought back to health.

"He's living the life at the moment," Heaven said.

Neighbors weigh in on how having and then losing Apache the horse has affected their neighborhood.

Neighbor T. Cole thinks getting the horse back would be good for the whole community.

"He took good care of the horse. We would always see him washing him out there and feeding him and just riding around the neighborhood. So you know, a lot of the inner city kids and whatnot don't have access to no horse. You know, to see a horse let alone ride one. He didn't charge them nothing or nothing, he just used to give them rides on the horse," T. Cole said.

Another neighbor, Jimmy Baker, added that he is sad to see Apache go.

"It'd be nice to see him get it back. You know, a lot of people in the neighborhood thought it was cool. You know, the horse was around and they'd pet it and stuff like that," said Baker.

It is not technically illegal to keep a horse within city limits. Banks has pled not guilty to two misdemeanors he is being charged with regarding animal cruelty.

A hearing is set for April 26th to determine Apache's fate. Either he will be returned to Banks, or the Toledo Area Humane Society will find him a permanent home.

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