Food Truck recommendations move forward in Bowling Green

Food Truck recommendations move forward in Bowling Green
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BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - For the seventh time, members of the Bowling Green City council debated the possibility of expanding food trucks access in the city.

"I think a lot of the citizens want food trucks. They want to know why aren't food trucks in Bowling Green? While we're in Toledo, and we're going into Waterville coming up," said Phil Barone, owner of Rosie's Rolling Chef.

Currently in Bowling Green, food trucks are restricted to private property, or special events where roads are closed.

But now a special city council committee has been mulling over recommendations to send to council to expand food truck access to the community. The idea has a lot of local interest.

"Yeah, potentially. I mean anywhere, as long as I've got the time to do it, then if there's the opportunity to make some money, then yeah let's go for it," said Barrett Jones with Reverend's Bar and Grill.

At Wednesday's meeting, two recommendations were looked over, a one-page list from council member Sandy Rowland, and an over 160-page recommendation summary from council member William Herald.

After nearly two hours, the committee approved the one page recommendation, to be looked over and amended later by the council as a whole.

One major talking point is where would the food trucks setup, as the intersection of Wooster and Main are already too congested for daily food truck stops.

But food truck owners are confident a happy medium will be met before the end of Summer.

"It's all about compromising. And when you leave the table and everyone is happy, that's the best deal. And I think we can do that here, and we'll find spots that we can get to," said Barone.

The recommendations will go to the Bowling Green Law director to be drafted. The proposal will then go before Bg City Council some time in May.

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