Local Allegiant flyer returns home Tuesday

Local Allegiant flyer returns home Tuesday
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SWANTON, OH (WTOL) - Tuesday night, folks are still talking about the CBS 60 Minutes investigation into Allegiant Airlines.

The very profitable airline sells itself on the ultra low cost fares.

CBS citing public documents showing an array of mechanical issues over the last three years.

The tanned-skinned passengers arriving from Saint Pete, Florida didn't seem too phased by the news Tuesday. Some saying they'd heard about the the 60 Minutes story while in Florida but didn't think much of it until they made their way home Tuesday.

One passenger says she's flown Allegiant dozens of times to visit family and she's never had a problem. The low fares and convenience always have her booking again.

But after the news of the airlines issues broke, Kelsi Roth did have a second thought.

Getting off of the flight Tuesday night, she says everyone was talking about the news.

"I think, just talking amongst themselves," Roth described. "But no one seemed afraid. Mostly, like, they were conversing amongst themselves, like, 'Do you think this is a problem? Should we be worried about this?' Like, stuff like that."

Roth says she'll likely fly Allegiant again or until a major mechanical issue happens.

Other passengers say the only issue with Tuesday's flight was that is was delayed 10 minutes.

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