Toledo City Council proposes changes in approvals of treatment facilities

Toledo City Council proposes changes in approvals of treatment facilities
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The opioid epidemic is taking lives everyday, but some community members in our area is saying enough after another treatment facility got approval to move in to the Old West End last week.

As of Tuesday night, Toledo City Council has proposed changes in hopes of stopping the concentration of these facilities and the approval of all special use permits for drug and alcohol treatment facilities until October.

Councilman Larry Sykes is proposed this legislation. He said this would give them a chance to look at why majority of the facilities are in the central city

If approved, this moratorium would prohibit drug treatment centers from gaining approval to set up shop within 500 feet of one another.

This is following heated discussion after last week's approval of the Unison facility on Jefferson Avenue and Collingwood Boulevard.

After back and forth discussion Tuesday, it was decided this should be changed to only apply to District 4, where the saturation is happening.

Councilman Rob Ludeman said, he can't say yes either way knowing money could be coming in for the opioid epidemic from Washington.

"For us to put a moratorium on that tells our elected officials, well maybe Toledo is not interested in taking advantage of some of these possibilities, study, great, moratorium, it's a bad word, it sends a bad message," Councilman Ludeman.

Councilwoman Harper said she will amend this proposal so it is only District 4. City Council will then vote next Tuesday on the moratorium.

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