HAZMAT experts work to give TFD's HAZMAT team hands-on training

HAZMAT experts work to give TFD's HAZMAT team hands-on training
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Experts in the field of HAZMAT, particularly weapons of mass destruction, were on hand to teach members of The Toledo Fire Department's HAZMAT team Monday.

With every training exercise came a scenario. Training looked like a scene from a sci-fi film. Members of TFD, along with a military team out of Columbus, who specialize in responding to weapons of mass destruction terrorist events, participated.

"Doing these types of trainings gets us more and more muscle memory more and more experience dealing with different types of WMD incidents," explained Lieutenant Victor Ellis with TFD.

One of the scenarios prepared the teams for the event in which a team member goes down.

"Our team will have to do a really quick extrication getting that person out, getting that person  out of their suits and to a medical facility," explained Lieutenant Ellis.

Toledo Fire and Rescue has a level one hazmat team, That means if radiological, biological or chemical agents were a concern, they would respond. That is why this training like this is vital.

"Training with them gives us the ability to look at what our counterparts are doing, so we can improve ourselves," said Lieutenant Ellis..

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