Wednesday: Sunshine and Rain

Wednesday: Sunshine and Rain

Wednesday the weather will do its best to pull the rug out from under you.

Be prepared to enjoy late morning and midday, then have an umbrella ready.

There will be some sunshine in the morning.  This will provide a quick warm up
by late morning / early afternoon.  The sky will cloud and a chance of rain will
begin to pick up right around after school time into the evening.

Wednesday 10:00 AM:  brighter weather will lift your spirits.  This may be a
good day to get outside around the lunch hour with lighter winds expected.

Wednesday  2:00 PM:  temperatures will warm well into the 40s.  At this time
clouds will begin to increase with east winds picking up off the lake and bay.

Wednesday  6:00 PM:  there is a chance of rain by this time.  Temperatures
will fall back with the rain making for another chilly evening.

Wednesday:  toward midnight it may be cold enough for some snowflakes to
mix in with rain.  This will continue overnight and commuters should be prepared
to exercise caution Thursday morning.  The FIRST ALERT Weather Team will
have more information available on the weather app.

Robert Shiels WTOL