After flooding, city warns of scam contractors

After flooding, city warns of scam contractors
(Source: BBB)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - While most of the water has receded from the weekends flooding, several are still trying to clean up the mess that was left behind.

Close to 28 homes near Point Place experienced some sort of flooding. Many of the homeowners are now looking for help to clean it up, but city leaders are warning you to be careful of scammers.

It was a soggy mess for several homeowners in Point Place.

"They said over 30 hours of wind from that direction just kept coming, so this is what we get," said David Bell, a Point Place resident.

David's house had close to six inches of water in the garage and laundry room on Sunday. He was waiting for his home to dry out before accessing the damage. While the levee system was not breached in Point Place, city leaders say there was extensive debris left behind.

"This is one of the worst events we've had in, most people are referring to it, at least about 30 years," said Paul Rasmusson, Director of Public Services for the city of Toledo.

His crews focused on three streets, 121st Street, Edgewater Drive and part of 103rd Street. All three streets dead end at the water, but Rasmusson said Cullen Park was hit the hardest and is where a lot of work will be needed.

"We've got crews in there with chainsaws trying to remove logs and driftwood and mulch and just general debris that's been left as the water receded," said Rasmusson.

For homeowners who are ready to begin cleaning up the mess flood water left behind, hiring a contractor can be tough. The City of Toledo wants to warn their residents to be safe and hire the right person for the job.

The Better Business Bureau wants to help you do just that. They spend hundreds of hours checking with businesses to make sure you can hire someone you can trust.

"When you hire someone the most important thing is you know who your hiring," said Dick Eppstein, president of the Toledo Better Business Bureau. "The BBB has tons of information on contractors."

On the BBB website you can search companies and see if they are licensed, meet BBB standards and even get customer reviews.

BBB leaders said they've seen several become victims of a faulty contractors, so you should be cautious when you are looking to hire someone.

They recommend you, get all work and promises discussed in writing from the company, pay upon completion of the project with credit or check, and ask about guarantees and warranties.

"You want to make sure you hire somebody who can be depended on to do a good job," explained Eppstein.

He also suggests you talk with your insurance company to see if they recommend any contractors and of course if you have a negative experience with a company to contact the BBB.

While homeowners decide how they will clean up this weekend's mess, city crews say they will be back out first thing in the morning. If you notice an area affected by flood damage you want the city to address you should call the Engage Toledo office at 419-936-2020.

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