Sylvania talking alternate water plans

Sylvania talking alternate water plans
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SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - Monday's City Council meeting in Sylvania had a familiar topic on the agenda: Water and where the city might try to get it from in the future.

Water has certainly been a hot topic in our area lately, whether it's flooding our streets or potentially growing algae.

Sylvania is looking into an idea that might bypass the problems we're having with Lake Erie's impaired water status, and surprisingly, that's to get our drinking water from Lake Huron instead.

"The City of Toledo and all the suburbs, the current customers of Toledo need to participate. That's the best possible solution, and this might be our redundant water source for the TAWA. We connect to the Great Lakes Water Authority, and that gives us the opportunity to bring water down from a different source so that we never have a water interruption like we did a few years ago due to the algae in Lake Erie," said Mayor Craig Stough of Sylvania.

Regardless of whether the current regional water plan is voted in come November, the mayor said he thinks having a backup is a good idea either way.

In Monday's meeting, the City Council voted to spend the money to have estimates for this project drawn up. The cost of the estimate is just shy of $50,000 with 1/3 being paid by Sylvania and Monroe footing the rest of the bill.

Early estimates put the cost of installing a pipeline at about $100 million.

"We've been working on the other for more than two years now. We need to continue moving ahead with other options that hopefully we can build right in to the regional water system," said Stough.

Mayor Stough also said Mayor Kapszukiewicz of Toledo is aware of this idea.

The details of all this will flush themselves out later.

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