Catawba Island neighbors prepare for major cleanup after flooding

Catawba Island neighbors prepare for major cleanup after flooding
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CATAWBA ISLAND (WTOL) - The Miller Boatline ran their ferry to the Lake Erie islands all day Monday.

But on Sunday it was a much different scene as the high winds coming in from the east were pushing the water levels above the docks at Catawba Island.

The waves crashing in were so strong, that they were bringing up large amounts of debris onto the roadways. Drivers traveling on State Route 53 had to make multiple detours around closed roads due to either high water or large rocks covering the roadway.

But for the better part of Monday, it was a constant stream of cars going to or from the islands. Many of the cars were residents of the islands, coming to the mainland to buy some heavy duty cleanup equipment, since there was quite a large mess to pick up following Sunday's wind.

For the folks living on the Lake Erie Islands things seemed to be even more difficult.

Roads looked more like rivers on the islands, and rocks and tree limbs were thrown about everywhere.

Many home owners who live on the island shore lost many feet of property from erosion as the high water constantly slammed the shore. Now, many from the island are taking the rest of the week to cleanup the mess left behind.

"I've never seen so many tears. It was adults, they were crying, it was devastating. And we had to sit there and watch, it was Mother Nature. Somebody made a comment that Mother Nature is off of her meds," said Marguerite VanDerwyst. She lost her Shoreline property.

"Our yards are covered with rocks right now, which will take days to fix. But also, those waves are causing damage to our sea walls. And it erodes, and erodes, and erodes, and it is so much force from that water, that some sea walls out there just buckled," said Ann Huber, a Middle Bass homeowner.

Many homeowners were unsure how much, if any of the cleanup and repairs would be covered by their home owners insurance. But they were all in agreement that they are ready for the summer to get here more than ever.

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