Flood causes damage to homes, loss of belongings for neighbors in Monroe Co.

Flood causes damage to homes, loss of belongings for neighbors in Monroe Co.

LUNA PIER, MI (WTOL) - One of the areas hit hardest by the recent flooding is in parts of Monroe County.

In fact, in Luna Pier, 200 neighbors were evacuated from their homes early Sunday started cleaning up Monday afternoon. Neighbors in both La Salle, and Luna Pier, worked to pump water out of their homes and salvaging what was left of their belongings.

The Luna Pier Fire Department came through before 4 a.m. Monday with sirens and a loudspeaker calling for neighbors to evacuate.

Kyle Harris, has a crawl space full of water, and 20 inches of flooding in his garage. He and his wife spent their Monday going through what's left.  The Mayor of Luna Pier spent the day helping neighbors with a dumpster.

Harris said they have a lot of work ahead of them.

"Everything works out, it's just a hassle. Nobody got hurt, everything is good, but everybody is just sort of sad. It's just hard to go through, we did it 20 years ago, so hopefully it's just another 20," said Harris.

The last time this happened in Luna Pier, Harris said his wife was pregnant, and he came home from work to see his wife being taken down the street on a boat.

Neighbors on the coast of Lake Erie in La Salle, Michigan are dealing with the same problem. Some can't even get to their homes.

Water could be seen being pumped from Lake Shore Drive and back into Lake Erie behind these homes.

Flooding took over the whole street Sunday evening. The La Salle Fire Department had to bring out row boats to help some neighbors evacuate.

However a few neighbors were able to get ahead of it, and get their cars to higher ground.

Laura Mlcak lives in one of the homes on Lake Shore. She has flooding in her garage and she was forced to throw many of her belongings in boxes away.

After the flood in the late 70's, the home owners raised her house, but it still wasn't high enough for Sunday's flood. The waves pushed about a foot and a half of sand in her backyard

"It's devastating, it's devastating. So many people have lived here so many years and now they're having to start over in a sense, and it's sad," Mlcak said.

Mlcak said she has a lot of elderly neighbors and some are having trouble clean up the sand and big logs that were pushed into their yards. But, she hopes, by helping each other, they will get things back to how they belong.

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