Kroger launches new way to shop, more benefits to employees thanks to corporate tax cuts

Kroger launches new way to shop, more benefits to employees thanks to corporate tax cuts
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PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Scan. Bag. Go. One national grocery store chain is launching a new way for shoppers to get in and out of the store faster and maybe even leave with a little extra money in their pockets.

Customers tell WTOL 11 anything to speed up the shopping process is a good thing.

"Well for one thing, I don't like to stand in the long lines to check out but, yet I have too many items to go through the self-serve," Maumee resident Peggy Smith said. "So, this would be very helpful."

The Kroger store in Perrysburg will be one of six in our area with the shopping technology.

"They're coming in, they can grab a handheld unit or use their smart phone and scan, bag and go," Corporate Affairs Manager at Kroger Amy McCormick said. "So they go through the store, scan their items put them in their bags themselves, hit self-check out and they're done."

There's a short learning curve with the technology but it could save you money.

"Actually the handheld unit and the smart phone will offer you coupons as you shop," McCormick explained. "So, there is a function that you can hit that tells you coupons might not download from the app."

Peggy Smith likes the idea of coupons showing up in real time.

"Because I don't always go on line to clip the coupons, so that would be good," Smith explained.

When new technology comes out a lot of people want to know will this affect jobs, will a machine take the place of a cashier.

Kroger employees in Perrysburg say that's not the case. They're actually looking to hire more associates.

"That's not the case at all," Erik Delaney, a seven-year veteran at Kroger said. "As long as you still come in here and shop, we'll still have jobs. So it's nothing like that, I know that's a big concern."

"Here in Perrysburg, they're actually looking to hire 21 associates," McCormick said. "So for Scan, Bag, Go there is an attendant at each entrance with the units."

Kroger is launching this new way to shop in 400 stores across the country.

Kroger headquarters also announcing Monday that the company will be passing down some of the money it's getting back from the new tax law.

"Millions of dollars are being put back into wages within our company," McCormick said. "We recently announced a contract in our Cincinnati market, which starting rate at 10 dollars per hour. So we could see that being executed throughout our company."

A $500 million increment investment in wages. But, McCormick said right now, it's too soon to tell when or if the hourly wage increase will make its way to Toledo.

Republican lawmakers like Senator Rob Portman tweeting that Kroger is just the latest in a growing list of companies benefiting from the tax cuts and passing on some of those benefits to their employees.

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