Infinity Lounge, 2 other bars reviewed by Toledo City Council

Infinity Lounge, 2 other bars reviewed by Toledo City Council
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Three local bars are in jeopardy. The owners forced to defend themselves Monday as city leaders threaten to object their liquor license.

WTOL 11's Michelle Zepeda was at that meeting where the majority of time was spent on one establishment.

Close to two hours was spent talking about Infinity Lounge on LaGrange Street, also known as The Lion's Den. But it was time well spent for the local business owners as the committee members chose to give the bar another shot.

Owners of the Infinity Lounge showed up in council chambers with a large group of supporters. While a heavy police presence was also noticed.

Toledo police claim this is a problem bar in this city that attracts a bad crowd who is responsible for violence in and around it.

TPD says between 2017 and Monday, they have responded to close to 30 calls for shootings, assaults and drugs, including a shooting that happened inside the bar earlier this year.

But Toledo City Council Member Yvonne Harper and Tyron Riley questioned the police reports, concerned that the bar may be unfairly targeted by police and is blamed for violence that's happening in the neighborhood surrounding the bar.

Council voted to not object the bar's liquor permit's renewal.

"The stuff they are talking about there never, ever happened there," Infinity Lounge owner Samual Wallace said. "There is a lot of love, our patrons are 27 for the men and 25 and up for the ladies and everybody comes out and enjoy themselves at all times."

Two other establishments also with several police reports on record were also reviewed Monday. Brooks Bar on Monroe Street and Vickies Bar on Douglas Road.

Toledo City Council does not have the authority to revoke a liquor permit but they can make a recommendation to the State Liquor Board on whether the permit should be renewed for another year or revoked.

However, they will not make any objections when it comes to the Lion's Den or Infinity Lounge.

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