Homes, businesses affected by weekend flooding

Homes, businesses affected by weekend flooding

(WTOL) - Some schools were delayed or closed Monday and those with flooded homes and yards prepare to clean up after strong east winds pushed large amounts of water against the western shores of Lake Erie.

Water levels have dropped four feet in western Lake Erie since winds shifted to the west, but the weekend's flooding is still affecting those with homes and businesses on the Lake Erie shore.

Miller Ferry to Put-in-Bay and Middle Bass Island was one such business affected. However, ferries are now able to leave from the Lime Kiln dock, and Middle Bass is currently running their scheduled trips.

Miller Ferry GM acted as a delivery man Sunday, bringing food to his boat crews so they wouldn't go hungry:

Allen Cove residents in Luna Pier are also being offered assistance, and are encouraged to contact Asst. Fire Chief Derrick Welton at 734-755-7692 if they need or would like help with cleanup.

Volunteers who would like to assist with cleanup are also encouraged to contact Asst. Chief Welton.

This is what some residents are dealing with in the aftermath of the flooding:

Luna Pier mayor David Davison also said a dumpster has been ordered for residents to help with clean up. It will be located on the west side of the bridge.

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