OLPH and TPD partner for realistic active-shooter drill

OLPH and TPD partner for realistic active-shooter drill
TPD officers treated the scene as they would if the situation was real (Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo Police responded to an active shooter situation in a local school on Friday but the whole thing was just a drill.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Elementary School and Toledo Police wanted to use the drill to teach kids and staff what they need to do if the scary situation ever happened for real.

The school and police worked together to make the drill as realistic as possible.

Police even sent out an alert letting citizens know this was only a drill if they were passing by and saw the commotion.

The drill started with an announcement that an intruder is in the building.

Police were alerted and they moved in.

As officers moved to the second floor where the suspect was reported , students there stayed locked down in their classrooms while the younger students away from the threat evacuated to a nearby neighborhood.

Students met with the officers involved in the drill before it started at an assembly.

The assembly was used to not only calm fears but to teach students how to react if next time it is not a drill, but the real deal.

Drills like this also allow officers to get familiar with more Toledo school floor plans and kids.

"You're preparing them mentally more than physically for that event, so they understand this is a traumatic event yet they know they have options and they will more readily act on the information they have," said Sgt. Greg Mahlman, with TPD.

Despite the benefit in practicing for a worst case scenario, the school's principal was hesitant to partner with TPD.

"It's a sensitive topic but we only had 5 families opt out so the response has been very positive, being proactive with the elephant in the room and being the forerunners in this," said Principal Kari.

OLPH was the first school to participate with Toledo Police in this type of a drill and they hope that other schools will choose to do the same.

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