Prices for downtown parking expected go up Friday night

Prices for downtown parking expected go up Friday night
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Big crowds are expected in downtown Friday night and that's going to affect what you pay for parking.

The Huntington Center is expected to reach crowd capacity for the Walleye game in addition to a good turnout for the Mud Hens at Fifth Third Field.

With that, parking downtown will be at a premium but also more costly. It's all about supply and demand and free enterprise.

Most private lots are expected to crank their prices up.  Lots near the two venues are expected to go as high as $20 to $25 for parking. But this expected because it happens every time folks jam into the downtown area for big events. And according to Toledoans, there is nothing wrong with it.

"It's a good way for Toledo top make money I guess. Bring more to Toledo. Let them do it," said a Toledo resident.

Regular pricing is expected to return Saturday night. The Walleye are off and the Mud Hens are home but their game is being threatened by rainy weather.

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