Seminar discusses benefits and challenges of autonomous vehicle technology

Seminar discusses benefits and challenges of autonomous vehicle technology
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Computer Engineering and Cyber Security are good fields to get into. The auto industry is looking to fill positions because of the rise in autonomous vehicles and the challenges that come along with the technology.

WTOL 11's Amanda Fay took a ride in a KIA Stinger, which features some of the latest autonomous technology on the market. However, it doesn't mean the car will drive itself. The car will keep drivers in their lane and comes with an Autonomous Emergency Braking and Forward Collision Warning System.

Experts discussed the safety benefits of autonomous features at a seminar hosted by the University of  Toledo and AAA.

"It feels like the car is watching what you're doing at all times so that moment you get distracted, or your toddler yells in the backseat, the car still has its ears and eyes on the road for you," said the Director of KPMG, Mike Krajecki, who spoke at the seminar.

There are some concerns to consider as well, like the potential for hacking into vehicles.

Attorney for Butzel Long, Jennifer Dukarski also spoke at the seminar.

"We saw the Jeep hack a couple of years ago. I've even hired individuals who've hacked into their vehicles. This is something that can be done and is being done on a regular basis," she said.

Dukarski said it doesn't mean we should walk away from potentially life-saving technology. That's where the students come in.

Many Graduate students already looking into these concerns and looking forward to what's next for the industry, and they're recruiting.

"We need people for the research and the industries need people for the implementation and the research," said Student Preveen Damachar.

"Autonomous drones, autonomous vehicles, anything autonomous is a very good field to be in right now and if you combine it with cyber security, it's even better," added Student Aasim Kamal.

Experts say there's a lot of possibilities and even some day, self-driving cars can earn their keep by going on Uber runs while you're at work.

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