TPD host its auto auction for the first time this year

TPD host its auto auction for the first time this year

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It only happens a couple times a year and Saturday is the first time in 2018 for drivers to cash in on an amazing deal at the Toledo Police Auto Auction.

Drivers searching for something big or small, for the job or the family or even high class, could easily find something at the auction located at impound lot on Dura Avenue. As long as buyers are willing to buy without a test drive and are willing to put in a little work.

The auction begins at 11 a.m. but the gates open at 9 a.m.  but police are encouraging anyone interested to get there early to check everything that is available.

Getting there early will give interested buyers time to take a look at windows, mileage and more information about the car including if there's keys and if it starts.

Police will only take cash or check. But not only are drivers getting a good deal, but the proceeds will go directly back to the city.

"The money goes into the city of Toledo general fund and any cars sold that were part of a drug seizure. That profit will go to help with police training and equipment," explained Lieutenant Kevan Toney.

Nearly 100 cars, trucks, vans and bikes are up for grabs tomorrow here at the Impound lot on Dura - you can heard to our website for a complete list of whats up for bid.

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