Northwood police release dash cam video of events leading up to deadly crash

Northwood police release dash cam video of events leading up to deadly crash

NORTHWOOD, OH (WTOL) - Northwood police have released dash cam footage of the events that lead up to a deadly crash last week.

Police say they posted the video to their Facebook page due to high public demand for it. Police say they are required to release this information according to law.

The crash occurred on Curtice and Lemoyne at the entrance of the Menards in Northwood.

Northwood Police Captain Jeff Zahradnik says his department got a report of a car driving erratically on Lemoyne Road.

Police followed the Chrysler Crossfire to Curtis Road in front of the Menards Store.

Captain Zahradnik says the car drove head-on at the Northwood Police car which swerved to avoid an accident.

That's when the Chrysler overturned and skidded to a stop.

Both victims, 52-year-old William R. Burgess and 51-year-old Kimberly J. Snavely, both of Oregon, were trapped in the two-seat sports car and were removed by police and fire personnel.

Both were taken to the Lucas County Coroner's office for autopsies.

Captain Zahradnik says Oregon Police are conducting the accident investigation because the Northwood Officer was involved in pursuing the Chrysler.

He says the Ohio state Highway Patrol will help investigators by downloading car performance data from the under-hood black box.

That requires investigators get a court order to access the data.

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