Mother thanks community for gift in memory of her daughter

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A Toledo Mother who suffered an unimaginable loss is helped once again by the men and women who tried to save her daughter life.

"I come out here quite often sometimes. It's to just bring some decorations for her, sometimes its to just sit," said Jessica Cline.

Visiting her daughter's headstone gives Jessica the chance to talk to her daughter along with gaining peace.

Jessica didn't have a chance to say goodbye to her little girl Olivia the night a fire erupted in their home.

"It gives a place to remember her in the proper way she deserves to be remembered," explained Jessica.

Jessica's final wish for her daughter was to give Olivia a beautiful resting spot with a headstone that will memorialize who she was. It was a genuine gift given by the community.

The same Toledo Firefighters who responded to rescue the family, held a benefit hockey game. TFD's hockey team took on the guys from Jeep and enough money was raised to get the headstone with little Olivia's pictures the family wanted so desperately but couldn't afford.

"Thank you not only to the firefighters and the community,  thanks to you guys we were able to get the headstone she deserves," said Jessica "It makes me feel so special. She was everything to me. To have something not just with her name on it but have pictures, it really shows who she was and gives her personality to those who don't know her ."

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