Dispatchers everywhere are being recognized for 'National Telecommunicators' Week'

Dispatchers everywhere are being recognized for 'National Telecommunicators' Week'
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LUCAS COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - They are there at your worst moment. The calm voice on the other end of the line talking you through your crisis as they get help your way, is being recognized this week for National Telecommunicators' Week.

Even for veteran dispatchers, like Dena Swantek, there are certain calls that are tougher then others.

"If you can't pull some of your emotions aside, you can't do your job," she explained.

Communication specialists got in this business because they could deal with high pressure situations.

"It's kind of like a three-ring circus when it gets busy here. It's like juggling 10 things at one time. You have people talking on three channels all at once, phones ringing and making decisions all at once," said Dispatcher Tonya Gesselin.

But they chose this path for their career ultimately to help others and feel a sense of responsibility to not only those who call 9-1-1, but to the police officers and firefighters they dispatch to those emergencies.

"It's nice helping people you are there for the people there for the crews making sure they go home every night you are the calm person behind the mic or the radio when they get excited or in danger," said Tammy Ray, a Toledo Fire Dispatcher.

Not only is it a thankless and stressful job but these men and woman sacrifice holidays, birthdays and weekends with their families.

So this week, those they keep safe are showing these dispatchers a little extra love.

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