Road construction season underway in Findlay

Road construction season underway in Findlay
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FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - Though the weather for Thursday was beautiful with no need for a First Alert, WTOL 11 does have an Orange Barrel Alert for drivers.

The customers at Circle of Friends Restaurant in Findlay saw first hand the beginning of a long construction season.

"I'll be glad when it's over," said one man.

Nearby Cory Street, crews began the process of curb and sidewalk replacement.

This project will restrict lanes and close the road from Sandusky to Crawford Street for a time. But the owner of the restaurant knows it is work that will ultimately help the entire community.

"It's nice to see that they are trying to fix the problem along the sidewalks and stuff like. And there's no problem for us to get in and out, so, I'm just so thankful that they're trying to make it better for the downtown area," said the owner.

South of downtown, Park Street will be closed for weeks, as the road is being completely rebuilt from Lima street to Hancock.

Some residents are using sarcasm as a coping mechanism to get through the work around them.

"The constant, ongoing construction of I-75, which means that we're constantly driving through construction sites, and probably will be for a couple years. So, we have much to be thankful for," said a a customer of Circle of Friends.

But all can agree, life will be better once this necessary work is done.

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