Seagate Food Bank launches 'Milk Money Campaign'

Seagate Food Bank launches 'Milk Money Campaign'

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Seagate Food Bank of Northwest Ohio is getting a head start on making sure children in Northwest Ohio have access to fresh milk during the summer months. It's all part of the Milk Money Campaign.

Food bank employees said thousands of kids in Northwest Ohio count on them each summer. Since there are no school lunches to provide important nutrition, the need for fresh milk is vital.

That's why the food bank needs your help to make sure kids stay healthy and strong.

Here's how it works: You can d rop any loose change you might have into Seagate milk cartons found at businesses around town The cost of a pink of milk is 45 cents.

Michael's Cafe and Bakery in East Toledo is one of several businesses where you donate. You can check here for information on where to donate.

You can also text SEAGATE to 27722 to donate $5 to the food bank program. If you would like to give more than $5, just text MORE to 27722.

Your donation will appear on your cellular bill.

"We collect the money, we tally everything up, we buy milk from Smiths so we try to keep everything locally and what we do is we take all of that milk, we place them into our pantries and we have over 438 of those pantries throughout Northwest Ohio," said Cheri Dennis.

This week is the last week to donate, so save up your spare change and give it to a good cause.

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