Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz hits 100 days in office

Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz hits 100 days in office
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz has now been in office since January 2nd, which rounds out to about 100 days so far. The Mayor was celebrating this milestone at South Branch Library Thursday morning.

What has happened in that time is significant to the people of Toledo.

The mayor's administration has a commitment to working with city council cooperatively.

Because of that, for the first time in five years, City Council unanimously passed a balanced budget. As a part of the new balanced budget, $3 million was redirected toward repairing our roads, and as a result, 20 miles of road will be resurfaced this year.

While a regional water resolution hasn't yet been successful, the mayor remains confident.

"Of course it's going to be difficult to restructure the way that water is delivered for the first time in 70 years. I'm not disappointed at all. We have made real progress. We signed a memorandum of understanding in January, the first time ever," Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz said "A commitment to move together regionally when it comes to regional water, and we're going to get there. I suspect over the next hundred days, the final chapter of our regional water story will be written."

As far as feedback goes, it seems the community is taking well to the outreach and visibility that the Mayor has.

"When you do bring together people from different backgrounds, different parts of town, and even outside Toledo, it really gives them an opportunity to share, and become committed to the idea of growth and moving forward and establishing more coalitions. I think he does a tremendous job of that," said Mark Urrutia of Toledo.

The mayor says he is optimistic his administration has made strong strides so far, but he is very much looking forward to what the next 100 days, and in total,1300 days of his administration have to bring.

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