100 years for South Branch Library

100 years for South Branch Library
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - This week, the Toledo Library system celebrates three branch centennials.

Today was the final celebration at South Branch off of Broadway. While this structure is relatively new, a branch has been in the neighborhood for 100 years due to a gr ant left by Andrew Carnegie.

Further funds to enhance this structure and promote literacy were also donated later as a part of the Edward Drummond Libbey estate.

Branch Manager, Celeste Felix Taylor was very proud Thursday.

"We are celebrating our 100th year anniversary, which is fantastic because when you think about it, all of us, now that we are grown, all of us are products of having been or done something at a library. My very first book came from a library, you know, my love for reading was developed in a library, in fact, my love for being able to speak English was developed through the library," said said.

Staff at the library really fosters the neighborhood and it's children here in South Branch, and is looking ahead to their future and the growth that will come over the next 100 years.

Libraries hold a special place throughout all of our neighborhoods, making this an especially fitting time to celebrate our leadership and service to the community.

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