Bedford Township talks contract with Monroe County Sheriff's

Bedford Township talks contract with Monroe County Sheriff's
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BEDFORD TOWNSHIP, MI (WTOL) - Bedford Township and the Monroe County Sheriffs Department will soon be reviewing their contract to consider what it would mean for Bedford to have their own police department.

This comes after the public asked the township to consider what this all would mean.

The township and the sheriffs department really started to take a close look at this a little more than a year ago, but there's a lot to consider before any decisions are made.

"I think they would feel fine about it, I mean, why not, you'll have more protection," Barbara Collinson, a resident of Lambertville, said.

There have been mixed reactions from the community when the topic of Bedford Township having its own police department comes up in discussion.

"From the public on Facebook it's pretty overwhelming," Bedford Township Supervisor Paul Pirrone said. "They wanna keep the sheriffs department you know, and we look at that."

This process of taking a look at the contract started a little more than a year ago. People in the area wanted the township to consider why Bedford didn't have its own police department.

"I'm the new guy that's been asked this a lot," Pirrone said. "I didn't campaign on it. I campaigned on looking at everything. I have to do what's best for the whole township. Not the sheriffs department, not my maintenance department."

The township will soon look at what it would cost to have its own police department and answer any questions the public or sheriff's department might have.

"We have ten contracted deputies through the sheriff's department," Pirrone explained. "Six of them we pay for our of our general fund and then four of them are from a millage that the township votes on."

A Facebook post from the Deputy Sheriff's Association states:

"We hope that the Bedford Township Board finally puts this issue to rest and allows our deputies to continue to provide excellent service."

"These guys don't deserve to sit and wonder every year whether or not they're gonna have a job or not here," Pirrone said.

The township board will be holding a meeting at the Bedford Township Government Center next Thursday, April 19 at 7 p.m. That's when those involved will discuss the contract.

Any final decision is left to the board.

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