Money Talks News: The Golden Rules of Fraud Protection

Money Talks News - If you've ever fallen victim to a scam, you probably wish there were some simple signs that would reveal a rip-off before you fall for it. Well, as it turns out, there are.

Whether it's an ad, an infomercial, an email, a phone call, seems like around every corner these days, there's a crook. However, if you master the Golden Rules of scam prevention, you'll never get ripped off again.

Rule number one? Speed kills your savings. Don't ever be pressured into making a snap decision.

Rule number two: Seek and you shall find it in .3 seconds. Before dealing with anyone or buying anything, put it in a search engine, along with words like "review." Check with the BBB. The internet is a powerful tool, be sure to use it.

Rule number three: If you're getting something for nothing, you might be the product, not the customer. In other words, if you're putting in your personal information in order to get something free, your information is probably being sold and maybe to people you don't want it to be sold to.

Rule number four: Use the help you've already hired. Your tax dollars pay for tons of consumer assistance, from the FTC to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Their sites have tons of useful information.

Rule number five: Don't ever answer unsolicited calls or emails. In most cases, robocalls are illegal and any email without an opt-out is also illegal. Why would you deal with someone who's breaking the law by contacting you?

Seems simple, doesn't it? However, right now someone somewhere is losing their hard-earned money by ignoring one of these rules.

There are more waiting for you. Go to the Money Talks News website and just do a search for Scam Prevention.

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