Toledo Police and Fire train together in case of an active shooter

Toledo Police and Fire train together in case of an active shooter
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Sandy Hooks, Las Vegas, Stoneman Douglas. These tragedies have forced first responders to react differently.

Toledo Police and Toledo Fire trained together on Tuesday in hopes of being prepared if an active shooter situation unfolded here in our area.

During the training,teams of four, two Toledo police officers covered two Toledo firefighters as they assisted the victims of a mock mass shooting.

These first responders are a part of the Rescue Task Force.

All of the medics are equipped with a pack that is filled with life saving items to try and prolong a victim's life.  But also inside are color coded tags. Red means they are critically injured, green means they are wounded but can walk out and black with means they are dead.

"As sad as it is, we all need to grow from it and learn from it and prepare for it so when it does, we can help as many people as possible," said Battalion Chief Bryce Blair.

During training,TFD medics were forced out of their comfort zone and practiced treating victims under pressure while a shooter is nearby.

While police are also forced to go against their instinct, rather then running towards the threat, they move slowly through the building assisting those hurt.

"It's necessary the collaboration between the two departments and that is the necessity of this training is getting the two departments together and going down the same hallway and seeing what we need to do," explained Chief Blair.

This was the first of many training sessions that will be needed to get every every member of TFD and TPD trained in this Rescue Task Force method.

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