SFWLC: April Cardio Challenge

SFWLC: April Cardio Challenge

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Our Super Fitness Weight Loss Challengers are about a month away from the finale and we are down to our top 10!

Challenge Host Kelly Heidbreder took the challengers to Super Fitness North and put them through one of their toughest challenges yet, "The Killer Cardio Challenge."

"We really try to make it tough," Brent Hemelgarn, Super Fitness Manager said. "Some challengers will coast through it, and others will push themselves to their brink of exhaustion."

They go through a series of six stations for one minute. The goal is to get the most repetitions, or the farthest distance within that time limit.

First, the rope pull. Second, sit ups, Third, box squats to shoulder presses. Fourth, shuttle run. Fifth, barbell curls. Sixth, pushing the tank.

First place winner, Ellen Devaughn, completed all six stations with the most completed tasks.

"I can't believe I won a challenge," Devaughn said excitingly. "I have been in the top four, but this is great to win this one. It was tough. I have been in the competition for the past three years and I can tell that I am really building strength. This was tough, but really fun and I'm pretty proud of this win."

Below are the full results:

The next challenge will be at The Toledo Zoo Zip Line later in April.

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