How to: Remove or change settings on Facebook apps

How to: Remove or change settings on Facebook apps
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(WTOL) - As Facebook's CEO testifies on Capitol Hill Tuesday, you may be asking if your personal data has been shared with companies like Cambridge Analytica.

You may have gotten a message from Facebook recently telling you your data may have been shared through an app a Facebook friend of yours is using.

Do you know how many apps you're using and who can see what you're using? Here's how you can find out:

First, you'll need to log into your Facebook account on a desktop, versus the app version. At the top right, you'll see an arrow pointed downward, click that and then click "settings."

From there, on the left side of your screen, click "apps and websites." First you'll see any "active" apps or websites. This means you recently logged into them with Facebook, and they can request information you chose to share with them.

There is also an "expired" apps and "removed" apps section.  For those, companies may still have access to information you previously shared, but they can't make additional requests for private information.

In the "active" and "expired" apps sections, you can click the box next to any app you want to get rid of and click "remove."

If you want to keep your apps, but change your settings, you can click "view and edit" and change who can see that you use the app in the d rop down menu from "public" or "friends" to "only me."

For other safety measures, you can always delete any photos you have previously posted to keep people from stealing them in the future, but it doesn't mean people haven't already downloaded them.

You can also delete your Facebook account altogether and stop using it, but keep in mind, it never really goes away.

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