Indicators of drug abuse by teens can hidden in plain sight

Indicators of drug abuse by teens can hidden in plain sight
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LUCAS COUNTY (WTOL) - Case workers in the area went through a hands-on training that all parents can learn from.

Signs of danger can be hidden in plain sight within your teen's messy bedroom.

Case workers are working to encourage parents to not just look inside their child's bedroom, but to actually go through some of their things to see if any concerning objects could be found.

Objects like pill bottles, incense, candles and even needles in the trash could indicate that a teen may have a drug problem. Pictures of partying and empty liquor bottles could prove a problem with alcohol. Pawn shop pamphlets and phone numbers hidden in magazines are signs of a teen with a problem that parents should address.

"You want to hold your child accountable obviously. But the way you approach it, if you're angry, if you're really aggressive towards that, then the child is not going to respond well," said Tiffany LaPlante, a LCCS Case Worker.

The Lucas County DART Team set up a scene for case workers and staff from Lucas County Children's Services to find items hidden in plain sight that could tell a story about the dangerous lifestyle a teen is participating in. It's a collaborative effort that is helping out entire community.

"This epidemic has caused us to build strong collaborations and so we are trading. We are teaching them about child protection and they are teaching us things we need to know about this epidemic," explained Robin Reese with Lucas County Children Services.

Here is a list of items that parents should look out for in their teens bedroom that could be indicators of drug or alcohol addiction and abuse:

  • Pill bottles
  • Lighter

  • Incense

  • Candles

  • Air freshener

  • Pictures of them “partying”

  • Needles

  • White residue on a mirror or counter

  • Random phone numbers written down

  • Pawn shop pamphlets or receipts

  • Alcohol containers

  • Solo cups or shot glasses

  • Look through trash cans

  • Look through desks, make up containers

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