Money Talks News: How to grow your own food

Money Talks News: How to grow your own food
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Money Talks News - Gardening is on the minds of many right now, and even if you don't have a yard or even a balcony. You can save money by growing your own food.

"We have a sunroom and we grow our own lettuces almost year round," Jessica Kellner of Mother Earth Living Magazine Editor-in-Chief said. "The seed packets cost us 3 dollars and you're looking at probably more than 3 dollars daily of food that we're getting out of that."

Fresh produce is certainly healthy, delicious, but sometimes it's expensive. Kellner says when the going gets tough, get gardening.

"It has seen an extreme boom since about 2008 when the economy went downhill," Kellner explained. "And people are also really learning about the flavor and nutritional benefits of growing our own food and eating really close to home."

And not only does home-grown food taste better, it also saves a lot of money. So you are growing food that's better quality, and growing your savings at the same time.

Never tried it? Here are some tips to get started:

Step one: Know what you like, so you'll eat what you grow. Step two: Know your environment. Learn a little about your soil and climate, so you can pick the right plants.

Now maybe you don't even have the room to grow a potted plant, and that can be a tough row to hoe. But there are community gardens all over the country.

Step three: Research preservation methods like freezing or canning to help enjoy your bounty all year.

Step four: Share. Give food to friends or donate to feeding organizations and swap stories to learn more about making the most of your garden.

Preserve your health and your wealth by growing your own food, even if you don't have very much space.

Now what you need is more tips on where to find a community garden, what to plant and when. And they're all waiting for you at the Money Talks News website. Just do a search for "gardening."

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