Black Lives Matter focused State Senate Forum

Black Lives Matter focused State Senate Forum
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Come this Fall, a new State Senator will represent the Toledo area because current Senator Edna Brown is term-limited.

On Monday, one of the candidates heard from the community about issues which matter to them.

A senate forum hosted by Community Solidarity Response Network of Toledo and the Northwest Ohio Young Black.

Democrats on Black Lives Matter and the race for state senate seat for District 11 in Northwest Ohio was held Monday night. The James B. Simmons Community Center was abuzz with what topics folks are concerned about leading up to the election.

"We believe that it's our job to give the platform for the community to be able to be educated," said Julian Mack of the Community Solidarity Response Network of Toledo said,

The meeting marked the last chance to register to vote before early voting begins tomorrow for the Ohio primary.

The Democratic primary is between State Representative Michael Ashford from the 44th district and State Representative Teresa Fedor from the 45th district vying for the District 11 seat.

Candidate Fedor said she thinks it is important to be present with the people to hear about their concerns.

"Listening is I think number 1, and number 2 is to share my thoughts on how we can make things better, which there are a number opportunities, as always, to improve things, and my belief is that we need a responsive and a responsible government," Teresa Fedor emphasized.

A large theme tonight was accountability. Those present are searching for answers on topics including clean water coming from Lake Erie, the opiate crisis, human trafficking, and how to improve our schools.

Criminal justice reform took the spotlight, as it is a major concern as part of the Black Lives Matter movement.

"We've seen the videos over and over again and we understand that this is a complex and complicated issue, and it's important that this issue is talked about on federal, state, and local levels, and we want to make sure that whoever we send to Columbus understands the complexity of these issues," said Mack.

Representative Ashford was expected to be at tonight's event, but couldn't make it due to a last minute scheduling conflict. The winner of Fedor and Ashford will face Republican Ernest McCarthy for District 11 in November.

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