Sylvania Building More Homes after Community Pool Demolition

Sylvania Building More Homes after Community Pool Demolition
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SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - A community pool that has been in a Sylvania neighborhood for years is now history. Many neighbors called it an eyesore and now new homes are going up in its place.

When the Sylvan Square Neighborhood  was built in the 1960s, a community pool was built along with it, but over the years fewer people supported it and it fell into disrepair. The city donated the property to the Lucas County Land Bank and then got it demolished.

"The city was getting complaints about the condition and we had to come up with a creative way to get rid of the pool," said Bill Sanford, Economic Development Director for the City of Sylvania. "The people that demolished it were then able to develop the property so it could be sold to build houses there."

Eric Bannwart and his family will soon be moving into a newly built home in the neighborhood. Bannwart said he and his family wanted to stay in the Sylvania school district and  were trying to find something that accommodated everyone. He said the pool was most definitely an eyesore.

"It needed updating, and we couldn't get enough people to sign up to use the community pool," Bannwart explained.

Neighbors say they are glad to see the pool officially go. They said it just was not a good sight to have in their neighborhood.

Sylvania Mayor Craig Stough said this new home will be a nice addition to Sylvan Square.

"This house is actually perhaps a step up from what's nearby it and hopefully will encourage the neighbors to also improve their homes, perhaps add on to them," Stough said. "It backs right up to Sylvan Elementary School and will be a house that will help the neighborhood for years to come."

Construction on a new lot next door to Bannwart's home is set to start this summer.

"You go from a delinquent tax property that was a nuisance to beautiful homes being on the tax rolls," said Sanford.

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