Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: April 5, 2018

Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: April 5, 2018
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's striking. Several thousand people killed each year in this country by intimate partner violence.

That includes 14 percent of all homicides. 32 percent of college women experienced dating violence in one study.

But with the help of a Jefferson Award nominee, we're taking on domestic violence.

As the government changes the rules on taxes, as it has, how will that affect charitable giving.

A lot of agencies doing great work in our town are wondering some may be worrying.

But first, it's where you hang your hat, where you lay your head, there's no place like it, yes, it's home.

What happens when you find the perfect place, or so you think, only to be told that, "you know, this is no longer available" or "I'm sorry, we've gone in a different direction", "it turns out you don't qualify, you're not what we're looking for."

It happens or we should say it "still" happens 50 years after the passage of the Fair Housing Act in this country. Yes, the act became law, fittingly, in the same year as a champion of rights, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. lost his life to a gutless sniper.

In our area, Toledo's Fair Housing Center has, and continues to, fight for the rights of people when it comes to housing.

That agency's President and C.E.O., Michael Marsh joined us on Leading Edge.

It's name virtually defines it. It is defined as a form of violence that occurs within a domestic relationship.

Say "domestic violence" and our minds go right away to physical violence.  And it certainly can be.

But it can take other forms as well. Verbal, emotional, economic, even sexual abuse.

We've learned that all forms of domestic abuse have one purpose: To gain and maintain control over the victim.

On past Leading Edge's, we talked about the YWCA's Battered Women's shelter with Lisa McDuffie.

We asked Art Jones to join us on Leading Edge this week.

He's active with the Lucas County Domestic Violence Task Force.  He previously chaired the board of the Bethany House and he even served on Toledo City Council.

For him, though, this topic is very personal because he lost his daughter to domestic violence. He speaks about that with us on Leading Edge.

One thing the Trump administration and this congress gave us in 2017 is tax cuts and tax reform.

So, we get a little extra take-home, which makes us grateful.

But a big part is we get a much larger standard deduction. Such as double to $24,000 a year for a couple, a number likely larger than our previous itemized deductions, including charitable contributions.

Somebody following this closely is Keith Burwell, President of the Toledo Community Foundation, a public charitable foundation.

The Toledo Community Foundation celebrates 45 years of service in our community. It helps connect philanthropists with causes they may want to, and which need their, support.

Such support to charitable causes during TCF's first 44 years tops $220 million. It is an incredible story and it is rooted in a community's generosity.

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