BG food truck discussion stirs up controversy

BG food truck discussion stirs up controversy
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BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Meeting, after meeting, the food truck discussion continues in Bowling Green.

There has been a total of six public meetings stirring up reactions from local businesses about the portable restaurants possibly finding a spot downtown.

City leaders are still working through the logistics of how it would work, especially with parking already at a premium.

"Lower price point, and the availability, and if it was right in front of our store it would take away from our business,"said Kathleen Cordes.

Cordes, the assistant manager of "A Taste of Amish-Deli" said  she's scared it'll hurt not just her business, but many others downtown.

"You have a lot of mom and pops in Bowling Green. This is their livelihood. They don't have other jobs, they wake up every day, they make the food, they sell the food, with love, and we don't take it lightly," said Cordes.

Cordes isn't totally opposed. She thinks there is a way it can be done with minimal impact to downtown business.

"Driving around Bowling Green at night you see the night life here. That is the perfect time, they could make a lot of money at that time. We're closed, they're not taking away from us then. They're actually picking up the business that nobody has," said Cordes.

Many students on campus are excited about the possibility of food trucks, and agree, they would enjoy them most on the weekends.

"I feel like they would be good for after the kitchens close at a lot of the restaurants and bars around here. Just for people to get food before they go home," said Victoria Rapchak, a senior at BGSU.

Not all business owners downtown are opposed, in fact, one is excited.

The owner of Flatlands Coffee on Main Street Ben Vollmar, said he welcomes the competition.

"That would just encourage everyone to do a better job at what they're doing and we can push one another to keep getting better," said Vollmar.

The next public meeting is Thursday April 12th at 5:30 p.m.

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