Ottawa Hills football coach's job in question

Ottawa Hills football coach's job in question
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OTTAWA HILLS, OH (WTOL) - Parents and students in the Ottawa Hills School District are voicing their concerns about the possible firing of a beloved football coach.

Coach Greg Neuendorf resigned from his position as head football coach, but his teaching contract may or may not be renewed which is sparking devastation and shock in the school community.

Parents say Coach Neuendorf resigned as football coach by choice, but he wants to continue serving as a teacher.

"He is a valuable asset to our community," said Julie Kowalczyk, a parent of a youth football player.

Kowalczyk, said it's a huge disappointment that Coach Neuendorf will no longer be the head football coach at Ottawa Hills.

"I think he adds value to Ottawa Hills students in every way shape and form," she said.

And students agree. Senior football players say it is Coach Neuendorf who is not only their coach, but a teacher and a mentor.

"He's been there for us all for years. He's helped us mature and grow both as men and as football players and there's really no way we can thank him and give him his due diligence," said Michael Helgren, a Senior at Ottawa Hills High School.

That is why students said they were shocked and devastated to hear of their coach's resignation.

Neuendorf told WTOL 11 via email he was advised to not comment on this situation in any form.

On Tuesday, students wore T-shirts that said "Renew Neu." They also painted their spirit rock in front of their high school with the same slogan.

"If you ever need something he's the first person to step up and say 'what do you need I'll be there moment's notice let me know,'" said Christian Sandelin, a Senior at Ottawa Hills High School.

The school board will decide on Monday April 16th whether or not to renew Neuendorf's contract as a teacher.

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