"Humans of Findlay" Facebook honored by the city

"Humans of Findlay" Facebook honored by the city
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FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - You've probably heard of the popular Facebook page "Humans of New York," but, did you know a similar page out of Findlay is one of the most popular pages in Ohio?

"We are a very close knit community, but we don't know each other as well as we should," said Dave Morrow, photographer for Humans of Findlay.

That is why Dave Morrow created the Humans of Findlay Facebook page four years ago.

Morrow said within a month, he was receiving nominations of various people to share their stories.

Since then, it has gained more than 12,000 followers, has featured over 600 individuals,and is the second most popular "Humans of" page after New York.

"It's brought our community together. We call it a patchwork quilt. Each person, different sizes, different colors of patchwork, but they each fill a piece," said Morrow.

On Wednesday, the page was officially recognized from the city of Findlay, and April 4th was proclaimed as Humans of Findlay day in the city.

"This focuses on the commonality and we find things that we can join together on and look on as a community rather than as individuals," said John Calvalage, owner of Coffee Amici where many of the interviews for Humans of Findlay occur.

Even though the modern digital age may hinder some in-person socializing, this group has helped unify many people in the city of Findlay who otherwise may have never met.

"Everyone has a story and it's amazing that we're able to share our stories," said Nathaniel Hill, a local magician who was featured on the Facebook page.

Humans of Findlay is currently working on a second publication of a compilation book of stories.

The Humans of FIndlay page can be viewed here.

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