Rossford water rescue Wednesday in Maumee River, 2 rescued

Rossford water rescue Wednesday in Maumee River, 2 rescued
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ROSSFORD, OH (WTOL) - Two people have been rescued after crews found them out in the Maumee River Wednesday afternoon.

Their condition is currently unknown.

When crews got on scene in Rossford they found a family that had called the Coast Guard themselves to alert them about the incident.

Crews say they noticed an overturned kayak with somebody in the water. They also saw a boat nearby.

Fire crews say they believe the person from the boat tried to rescue the person in the kayak, but they don't know how the boat got there.

Both people were found with hypothermia.

"As a public safety announcement to the public, don't go in the water when it's really chilly out and there's not much water to be watering on, it's just not safe," Rossford Fire Chief Josh Drouard said.

Multiple crews responded to the scene. The rescue lasted just under an hour.

Both people were believed to be taken to Mercy St. Vincent hospital.

According to a website, National Center for Cold Water Safety, with information on hypothermia, cold shock can be experienced in water 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

The water temperature in the Maumee River and out at Maumee Bay is about 40 degrees Wednesday.

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