The Women of the Old West End respond to treatment facility in the neighborhood

The Women of the Old West End respond to treatment facility in the neighborhood
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - For the first time in his time as Mayor, Wade Kapszukiewicz has to break a tie for Toledo City Council, and the topic is causing quite a bit of controversy.

On Wednesday, the Women of the Old West End are responding to the possibility of another drug treatment facility in their neighborhood.

More than 20 drug and alcohol treatment facilities are centrally located in the city, a concentration that frustrates District Councilwoman Yvonne Harper.

"I am over saturated, and enough is enough," District 4 representative Yvonne Harper said. "I'm asking, let's spread it all over the city."

The council vote for both the zoning change and the special use permit for the facility ended in a tie last week.

Yvonne Harper (D), Larry Sykes (D), Dr. Cecelia Adams (D), Matt Cherry (D), Peter Ujvagi (D) and Tyrone Riley (D) all voted against the measures.

Nick Komives (D), Chris Delaney (D), Sandy Spang (I), Tom Waniewski (R), Rob Ludeman (R), and and Gary Johnson (D) were in support.

The Unison Health facility at 2310 Jefferson Avenue near Collingwood Boulevard needs the SUP because it goes against Toledo Municipal Code with two other group homes already within a 500 foot radius.

"I don't want to see the jewels we have in the Old West End and in the downtown lost to us forever," Carol Kutsche, a member of the Women of the Old West End said.

Kutsche believes there is a need for these facilities, but wants to preserve her community.

"I take the stand of wanting our neighborhood being in a better place for children," Kutsche said. "So that people can buy these properties and put money into them and not lose them."

Kutsche lives close to the proposed facility. The facility would have 16 beds and would be post-detox.

She says she understands this is a tough decision for the Mayor and knows ruling in her favor would be tough.

"It will not be popular with a lot of people understandably," Kutsche explained. "I only hope he has the strength to do the right thing for the city."

Mayor Kapszukiewicz breaks the tie at next Tuesday's city council meeting on April 10.

WTOL's Allie Hausfeld reached out to the Mayor's office on Wednesday regarding his thoughts about the decision but has not heard back.

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