Cold Enough for April Snow!

Cold Enough for April Snow!

It feels like winter this evening.  You may have even seen a few snow
flurries blowing past.  There is a chance of April snow Thursday night.

A wintry feel to temperatures will continue through the weekend.

The chance of snow Thursday night is most likely from 8:00 PM
through the early morning hours.

Thursday 6:00 PM:  a chance of a rain/snow mix moves in from the southwest.

Thursday 8:00 PM:  the chance approaches the Toledo metro area.

Thursday 10:00 PM:  any snow that falls at this time should quickly melt
on sidewalks and roadways with surface temperatures above freezing.

Thursday:  a little brighter weather will give way to cloudy sky by late afternoon.

Colder than normal weather should continue through the weekend.
There is a good chance highs will not reach 50 degrees until next week.

Robert Shiels WTOL