Money Talks News: Lower your bills with free expert help

Money Talks News: Lower your bills with free expert help
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Money Talks News - Monthly services for things like cable, cell phone and the internet really add up. But now there's "free help" to cut those monthly bills down to size.

"I used to do it all myself," BillCutterz Customer Fred Frost said. "I would call myself and negotiate with the folks and because, you'd have to go through each itemized list for each tax and everything that they were charging you for, and at the end of the day, you were going, 'I can't keep up with this type of stuff.' So I found an alternative way to handle my bills."

Frost owns five properties, each of which comes with a cable bill.

He used to periodically call the cable company and try to get better prices. But a couple of years ago, he tried a different approach: Paying a pro to negotiate his monthly bills for him. Result?

"I've saved over $2,000 since the end of 2014," Frost said.

Fred used the service, Billcutterz. You give them permission to access your accounts, then they contact your providers and see if they can negotiate a better deal.

If they can't, no charge. If they can, they keep half the savings. And it's not just cable.

"They'll do alarms, they'll do cable, they'll do satellite, gym memberships, things like that," Frost explained.

There are other services similar to Billcutterz such as BillFixers.

Of course, there's nothing these companies can do for you that you can't do yourself. So before employing one of them, you might want to just try negotiating on your own and seeing how you do.

But if you don't, why not try it? It won't cost you anything.

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