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Final sentencing for James Worley set for April 18, jury deliberations still on-going


Honorable Judge Jeffrey Robinson said he will hand down James Worley's final sentence on April 18.

The jury is still deliberating as of Wednesday after hearing closing arguments from both the defense and the prosecution. 

However, whenever their decision is made, Worley will not be officially sentenced until that date.

Judge Robinson set a specific sentencing date to allow for Sierah's family to come to court and make a public victim impact statement.

Whenever the jurors have finished deliberating, their decision will be read publicly in court.

Judge Robinson is the one who must officially sentence Worley, though he will take the jury's decision into account. 

If the jury recommends the death penalty for Worley, the judge can lower that penalty to life in prison without chance for parole, life with chance of parole in 30 years or life with chance of parole in 25 years.

If they jury recommends any of the life in prison options, the judge can't up Worley's sentence to the death penalty.

The prosecution made a case for the death penalty, with the defense says life in prison is a more viable option due to Worley's age.

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