Condom snorting challenge resurfaces causing concern for health professionals

Condom snorting challenge resurfaces causing concern for health professionals
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It was once a popular trend that's back in the spotlight. It's called the condom snorting challenge and it's potentially deadly.

"I thought it was crazy," Nora Abdul-Aziz explained of the challenge that started about four years ago.

"It's disgusting almost and you're putting yourself at risk for 10, five seconds of fame," Alex Hertzfeld said.

"It bewilders me why somebody would want to do that," Health Commissioner, Eric Zgodzinski of the Toledo Lucas County Health Department explained.

Health experts strongly urge you to never engage in the condom snorting challenge. They say it could not only damage your nasal cavity, but also could be deadly.

"You have a piece of latex that could cover your esophagus and close up your airway or go down your throat," Zgodzinski said. "I mean, it just makes very little sense to why anyone would want to do something like this."

While some are answering the challenge on YouTube, locally we haven't seen any cases.

"I think it's really stupid and, like, people should avoid it 'cause, like, what if something, like, goes wrong or gets stuck," Abdul-Aziz explained. "They could end up in the E.R."

"Is it really worth doing that to yourself and risking the harm just to satisfy 50 other people that you've never seen before," Hertzfeld questioned.

The Toledo Lucas County Health Department does hand out free condoms, but say they are only for those seeking to avoid unwanted pregnancy and disease. While the health department wants to continue making condoms available to those who need them, the health department wants them to be used appropriately.

Health officials say it is critical as these dangerous challenges pop up that you address them with your children and communicate why they should not engage in that behavior.

WARNING: WTOL 11's video of this story should be viewed with caution, as it could be considered graphic to some.

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