Monroe County, City of Toledo agree to Emergency Backup Provision through 2031

Monroe County, City of Toledo agree to Emergency Backup Provision through 2031

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Director of Water and Waste Water Utilities explained the error in the contract between the City of Toledo and the South County Water System in Monroe County.

The error was brought to light when the City of Monroe started working on an update to their water treatment plant.

Barry , Director of Water and Waste Water Utilities says when they started work on their facility, they reached out to South County Water to let them know that should an emergency happen during the maintenance of the facility, South County Water would be their back up to supply water to residents.

It's called an emergency back-up provision.

South County Water uses the City of Toledo as its back up. Last week the county realized that in the 2011 agreement with the City of Toledo there was no emergency backup provision with the city.

"That ability to turn on the faucet and have water coming out, that's a paramount item and why water systems will always tell you that," LaRoy said. "But as far as reducing pressure and things of that nature I mean we don't want contamination and that's why they have interconnections with adjacent systems."

Toledo City Council passed the ordinance to make an amendment to add the provision.

The Supervisor from South County Water says the updated contract between Monroe and Toledo is good through 2031.

However, Toledo City Council members had questions Tuesday night about how this would impact Toledo. They were assured this won't impact Toledo's water, as the guidelines for water compatibilities are very strict.

"Believe it or not, water is not necessarily compatible with other types of water," Joe McNamara with the Law Department for the City of Toledo. "That is one of the issues you had with the Flint water crisis was that the water taken out of the Flint River was more aggressive than the original water that was being provided to the community of Flint from Detroit and that caused a host of problems."

The City of Toledo does have a backup in case of an emergency as well with Oregon. Toledo city leaders say moving forward in these water contracts, it's best to build in these plans so we don't face a water crisis.

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